Put simply, without volunteers our program would not exist.

The thousands of volunteer hours freely given each year enables us to help homeless families transform their lives. Volunteers serve at their convenience.  We have many jobs that need attention daily, monthly, or periodically.  We need volunteers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

What could you do to help a homeless family?

Everything! Anything! Volunteers prepare meals either in our kitchen or theirs so that we can provide an evening meal for our families. We need volunteers on site to keep residents safe and to assist with all the household chores that go into maintaining a residence.  We need tutors to help our children with their homework.  Volunteers help with administrative support.  Volunteers serve on a variety of committees, including those associated with our fundraising event.  Our Board of Trustees is made of volunteers as are our Board committees that help with specific areas of our programs, Development, Mission, Finance,and Marketing.

Volunteering is among the most rewarding experiences you'll ever have.  Join us! 

How can you become a volunteer?

Easy! Email Matt Hodgkiss, our Director of Volunteer Engagement, at: matthew.hodgkiss@annemariehouse.org or phone: 603-883-7338 x 5.  Matt will walk you through the entire process and can answer all of your questions.

New volunteers are required to undergo criminal background checks and are given an orientation and tour. New volunteers shadow a veteran until they feel more comfortable on their own.  We do allow children to volunteer but those under the age of 18 require a chaperone. 

 Have a team? We love those too! Co-workers, church groups, service organizations, or similar groups are all welcome to volunteer together. These Days of Service often tackle large  or seasonal jobs that are too much for an individual.

Current Volunteers

We have the best volunteers around--we're so grateful for all you do!

All of our current volunteers opportunities are now on our online calendar! You can sign-up for the date and time slot of your choosing. For more information on how to access the calendar, please call Matt (603.883.7338 x 5). Thank you in advance!