Every child deserves a home.

Every family deserves a chance.

At Family Promise of Greater Nashua, our focus is on preserving families. We address the causes of the homelessness and its impacts on the family holistically and comprehensively.  Families are referred into FPGN through community service providers, congregations, health care professionals, and school counselors.  Each family is interviewed to assess their needs and whether there is availability and suitability with our program.  If we can not accommodate a family immediately, we reach out to other community resources and programs to get them assistance.  No family is left without resources.

Families meet with our Family Services Director for an all-inclusive review of their employment, marital, housing, and health histories that may have contributed to their becoming homeless. Parents participate in weekly Financial Literacy classes that cover topics such as credit scores, budgeting and saving, reducing expenses, and housing options.  Families also participate in Parenting Classes, which focus on children and teaches strategies for effective parenting and family unity.  While participating in our program, families are required to work and to save 70% of their discretionary income, which is put aside to emergency funds and future housing needs.  We do not collect rent, preferring that families learn to pay themselves first and establish consistent saving practices that will benefit them in the future.  Families are required to participate in the maintenance and upkeep of the house.

We are proud that over 85% of our program graduates maintain their independence after completing our program.  Our graduates are our best advocates, and many of them come back to volunteer in the house and encourage other families along this path to self-sufficiency.  Several of our graduates have qualified for mortgages and have purchased homes.  We encourage you to hear their stories!