• September 26, 2017 by Amy Freise

    Matt Hodgkiss joins FPGN as our new Director of Volunteerism!

    While Matt’s title is new, his history of volunteering at FPGN is not!  Matt has been volunteering weekly at FPGN for over 10 years! Matt got involved with the organization through his mom, Brenda, who was a Board of Trustees member and served as our Treasurer for many years.  When Brenda had to spend more time on other committments, Matt stayed the course.  In the few weeks that he has been on the job he has been reaching out to our current faith communities and has already enlisted several new congregations to support us.  He is working to rebuild our volunteer pool and to invigorate our group of volunteers who prepare meals for our families.  Please stop by his office, just to the right of the door, and say “Hi!” And better yet, “How can I help?”

  • Eastern Bank Day of Service September 22, 2017 by Amy Freise

    Thanks to the amazing team of volunteers from Eastern Bank who came yesterday to prep and paint trim in our upstairs hallways. It looks so much fresher and brighter for our families!!!  Their tagline is “Join Us for Good.” We are happy that they joined Us for Good yesterday!

  • FIVE Graduations! August 22, 2017 by Amy Freise

    It is an amazing time at Family Promise of Greater Nashua at Anne Marie House with the most graduations that we’ve ever had all at one time!  These families have been diligently working our program and are now ready to enjoy sustainable independence! We’re going to be having a graduation party on Monday, August 28th at 6pm to recognize their achievements and cheer them on their way to a bright future. As these families set up their new households, they often need small appliances such as vacuums, toasters, and microwaves.  They also need cleaning supplies, brooms/mops, silverware, and pots and pans. If you are able to gift these items to our graduates it would be most appreciated! Gift cards are also always a great graduation gift!

  • Two Graduations! July 27, 2017 by Amy Freise

    We are very happy to share that two more families have graduated from the program in recent weeks.  These families, one led by a single father with two boys and one led by a single mother with a boy and a girl, have agreed to share a bit about their stories and how they came to be at Family Promise of Greater Nashua at Anne Marie House, what they have learned, and where they are headed.  Their names have been changed to respect their privacy.

     John entered FPGN with his two sons following a divorce.  During his tenure, he secured stable employment, established a custody arrangement with his ex-wife, and created a strong savings program.  He feels that without FPGN he would have lost his children.  While here, he learned a lot of tricks and creative ways to both curb spending and increase savings.  Parenting classes helped him to learn to manage the boys’ schedules and to know when to approach and when not to approach a teenager!  John has rented his own apartment and he and the boys are settling into their new sustainable, independent life.

    Laura came to FPGN following an abusive relationship. She was able to find full-time employment and her mother helps her with childcare.  While there were many times that she wanted to give up, she credits Melissa, our Family Services Director, with always pushing her forward.  Her efforts in the program have paid off. She now is financially stable and has money left over each week for emergencies as well as some “wants” for her children. In parenting class, she learned how to present choices to her children. Laura is going to continue to work and save money, and she plans on returning to school to expand her education.

  • First Church Nashua Helps Heat Our Home June 27, 2017 by Amy Freise

     We are delighted to share the news that, through the generosity of First Church Nashua, we will be more fuel efficient in the years to come!  Because Presentation of Mary Academy is undergoing a major construction project, we were offered the opportunity to work with Liberty Utilities to tie into a new natural gas line being run on campus.  Using funds raised through their Capital Campaign, First Church Nashua is covering the cost of this connection as well as new boilers and a new hot water heater! This incredible donation will reduce our annual heating costs far into the future and we could not be more grateful!  Shown here (L-R) are Family Promise of Greater Nashua staff members Melissa Johnstone, Julie Esp and Sarah Cronin, along with First Church Marketing Manager, Dianne Smigliani, and Rev. Dr. Jeffery Evans, First Church Associate Minister and member of our Board of Trustees.