• Giving Days mean Big Changes May 25, 2017 by Amy Freise

    We are fortunate that a number of businesses came out this spring to participate in Community Giving Days here at Family Promise of Greater Nashua.  These fun days involve a lot of work, a lot of laughter, and a lot of big changes for our house and our families.  Teams from Liberty Mutual and Morneau Law were two of our most recent visitors.  They painted and did garden work to spruce up the house for the spring.  Thank you for spending your time with us!

  • Mother’s Day Gifts May 16, 2017 by Amy Freise

    Members of First Church of Nashua recently dropped off lovely gift bags, complete with chocolate and gift cards, for our mothers for Mother’s Day.  What a lovely idea!  The gifts were received by our Director of Family Services, Melissa Johnstone (far left) and Board of Trustees member, Scott Wellman (far right).  Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

  • Girl Scout Donation March 23, 2017 by Amy Freise

    Is there anything more heartwarming than children generously donating out of the goodness of their hearts to help other children? Girl Scout Troop 12360 has been raising money for over a year to purchase bedding for the children residing at Anne Marie House. The troop wanted to make sure that the children had linens that reflected their interests, including Thomas the Tank Engine, Avengers, Dora the Explorer, butterflies and even fun colors and patterns for teenagers.

  • Feed NH Food Grant Renewal February 17, 2017 by Amy Freise

    We are so happy to announce that Feed NH, the charitable trust of Great NH Restaurants, has once again selected Family Promise of Greater Nashua to receive monthly donations of fresh produce and staples for 2017.  We receive the wholesale value of $250 worth of items delivered to our door each month.  These fresh items make such a difference for our families as they provide wholesome and nutritious fruits and vegetables to supplement their diet. Great NH Restaurants includes Copper Door, Cactus Jack’s, and T-Bones Restaurants.  Our kids love the fruit salad and we love Great NH Restaurants!

  • One Car=Generous; Two Cars=Amazing; Three Cars=GAME CHANGER! February 17, 2017 by Amy Freise

    Just last month, all three of the single-dads in residence here at Anne Marie House had their cars die on them.  This was an huge disruption as all three have full-time jobs that they must commute to in order to support their children (a total of 6). These jobs allow these dads to save money toward moving to their own apartments.  Thankfully, as often happens here, when there is a need there is a response.  Within days, three separate families came forward to donate their vehicles to our dads.  On the very day that they were donated, we completed the paperwork and put them right into service.  Thank you to these generous families that made it possible for our dads to continue to work!!! If you have a car that you would like to donate, or know of someone who does, please reach out to our Executive Director, Pam, with the details ( THANK YOU!!