Heat Our Home

Our promise to the 10 families that call Anne Marie House “Home for Now” is that we will manage the basics of life while they work hard to secure a brighter future for themselves. But it is up to us to keep them safe and warm while children are doing homework, toddlers are learning to walk, and parents are learning the skills they need to achieve self-sufficiency. Right now we have six children under the age of two living in our house.

Thanks to all of our contributors, Family Promise of Greater Nashua is a dream come true for families in crisis. Our focus is on protecting the family unit and saving families.  Help us keep them warm. Your contribution makes a difference, every day.

Averaging $30,000 a year, heating our home is the single greatest expense in providing a future to homeless families.

Support comes in all sizes. Whether it is one gallon, or 100 gallons, rest assured that every contribution is put toward the 10,000 gallons of oil we need this winter to keep our home warm.

Please help us keep our promise to our families.  All donations are fully tax-deductible.

Prefer to donate by mail?

Please print out a Donation Form and mail it with your check to:
Family Promise of Greater Nashua
Attn: Heat Our Home
Anne-Marie House
180 Lowell Rd.
Hudson, NH 03051