When families come to Family Promise of Greater Nashua their lives are in crisis. Here are their stories.

When we came to FPGN we were terrified that we would be living in our car, expecting our first child over the winter. We were humbled and grateful to move into a place where we could welcome our new baby and be surrounded by God’s grace.  We worked hard while here. We found meaningful work that leaves time for life, saved thousands of dollars towards our future, and learned how to manage debt. Parenting classes taught us, as first time parents, that we could be confident in our new skills as well as the importance of communication.  The most important part of our time here was having a safe home for our newborn where she has thrived.  We will miss the people who have become our life-long friends and Fifi will miss saying “Hi!” to so many people all day, every day.  We leave FPGN with a bright new future. By staying close to God while we were here, we have used our time here as a chance to grow in virtue as well as intellectually and toward independence and financial security.  Our success while here was achieving a balance between work, family, and serving God while living comfortably and joyfully. We overcame obstacles and are happy to have achieved independence! – Jessica and Danny

I think that people don’t realize how many single dads there are who are at risk of being homeless. The system isn’t set up to have dads being the primary care givers. I felt such relief that I did not have to panic anymore when I came to Anne Marie House. – Tom

I hit rock bottom after sleeping on floors, couches, and air mattress.  After contacting NH 211, I was recommended to Anne Marie House.  At one point, I thought there was no hope and I’d never have a home again.  Since living here, I feel this was the greatest blessing for my family.  There is guidance, structure, rules, encouragement, tons of resources (which helped me get a job), other families in the same position, and hope.  I no longer have to struggle for food or worry about my daughter having a Christmas or a room to call her own.  I am finally safe and able to help myself as well as my family. Other programs make living off the state a safe way to live with no help moving forward. Here they strive to help you become independent and move forward with your life. Thank you so much Anne Marie House for giving me and my family hope again.  -Kristin

I came from your standard upper middle class neighborhood, raised with a strong sense of social responsibility and self-sufficiency. When I found myself homeless with my two-week old newborn baby boy, it was a huge undertaking to seek out and accept help from my community in contrast to how I was raised. During my six-month stay with Anne Marie House, I focused on my goals of employment, childcare and stable housing, which I completed around the time my son marked his six month “birthday.” Now, just a few years later, I’ve finished my undergraduate degree from the University of Pittsburgh, advanced my career, gaining recognition for my various roles within the company, and am involved in my local community with the PTO and other organizations.  -Carrie