amh001Anne-Marie House began in 2002, as a program of the Greater Nashua Interfaith Hospitality Network. The program moved in 2005 and continues to operate out of a 17,000 square foot former novitiate, leased from the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary in Hudson, NH. The facility has 26 bedrooms, a large kitchen, dining room, parlor, library, laundry room, family/play room, offices, conference rooms, fenced in background and playground. Entering our 14th year AMH has grown to engage a network of almost 300 trained volunteers, and a staff of 1 full-time and 6 part-time employees. With nearly 90 percent of our graduating families achieving sustainable housing, income and transportation, AMH is very successful in empowering families to get back on their feet and provide for themselves.

Anne-Marie House provides a unique service to an often under-served population in the homeless community – families. Believe it or not, keeping families together during a period of homelessness is often nearly impossible to do as family members are often asked to divide into available spots at homeless shelters, women-only programs, men-only programs, or other family members, etc. At AMH, we believe that keeping families together is of utmost importance in ensuring successful and sustainable lifestyles. We accept two-parent families, single mothers or fathers with children, grandparents raising grandchildren, etc. Children under the age of 18 represent approximately 70% of the residents at AMH.

All of our families are referred to AMH through our congregations and network of social service providers. Families entering the program must be substance free, pass a criminal background check, have a source of income and transportation, be career searching or, be involved in a job training program; and sign an agreement that is renewed monthly based on progress toward individual goals. Each family at AMH works with our Family Services Director to identify and maintain their monthly plan for regaining independence and self-sufficiency. In addition, each family has the opportunity to attend classes on parenting, financial management, housing and real estate, and career searching.

While independently operated, Anne-Marie House is an affiliate of the national organization of Family Promise — a four-star rated Charity Navigator organization.

In 2016, Family Promise of Greater Nashua helped 18 families comprised of 57 individuals. 87% of our graduates sustained housing independence within one year of their graduation.  We provided 27, 978 meals to our families.  On average, the families in 2016 stayed at Anne Marie house for just under 9 months.  But our favorite statistic of 2016 is that 4 baby girls were born this year.  All four received names that started with the letter “A.”  Coincidence? We think that Anne-Marie Rivier, our namesake, had something to do with all those “A” girls!

During 2015, 14 families consisting of 42 individuals were assisted by Family Promise of Greater Nashua.  86% of our graduate families were living independently a year after graduation. We provided 21, 426 meals to the families while living at Anne Marie House.  Families stayed in the program for one year on average.